NFL Trucking LLC, makes moving your freight easier.

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Your freight is your product and your income. Whether it is temperature sensitive nursery plants, dry goods, lumber, or heavy steel, our team will get all the details to ensure loading and moving your freight is done properly.  Even with the shortage of trucks, our experienced staff can quickly find the right carrier for your needs. They ensure your freight is moved on-time and affordably.

Your broker at NFL Trucking manages your load from pick up to delivery. For every load, your broker checks safety records, insurance, and authority of the carriers to greatly reduce risks that your load would be late or damaged. They track carriers that are experienced with your type of load and working in your freight lane so that you can benefit from that driver’s professional knowledge of road conditions, traffic patterns, and weather conditions. We find you the best solutions for each and every load you have. We look forward to working with you and shipping your freight!

For any broker you are considering, you should verify the following information about their company:

  • USDOT # 2244278
  • MC#676610

To get started shipping your freight with NFL Trucking:

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