About Us

Since 2009, the experienced and friendly team at Nationwide Freight Logistics (NFL Trucking) has been passionate about making truck freight logistics easier for both shippers and carriers.

NFL Trucking is centrally located on the West Coast I-5 corridor in beautiful Medford, Oregon.  We cut our teeth on moving timber products, nursery stock, and delicate fruit over mountain roads in challenging weather.  If we can move those loads, we can move just about anything!

Christmas Trees from the NW to the East coast- you betcha!  Steel and pipe to Texas-  anyday of the week!  Plywood from California to New York, sure thing!  And we can find a backhaul load too!

We’ve made moving freight on unique lanes one of our strengths and everything else is just easy.

“Delivering Trust Daily”

For questions or information email:
Phone: 1(541) 734-5610